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Used UPS Battery Backups

Deal Of The Month
Liebert UPS Series 600T Battery Backup

  • Reconditioned
  • 225 KVA
  • 208/208 Voltage
  • 3 phase UPS system

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Liebert 600T
Used Liebert NX  UPS Battery BackupUsed Liebert 610  UPS Battery Backup
Liebert NX UPS Battery Backup

  • 3-phase UPS system
  • Provides the highest output power quality
  • Features advanced inverter control technology
  • Scalable solution for growing data centers

Liebert 610 UPS Battery Backup

  • For large-scale applications
  • All models have an exceptionally small footprint
  • Handles dynamic loading and non-linear loads
  • Produces low heat output
  • CFC is proud to offer you the most sought-after UPS systems from Liebert. We offer used Liebert NX UPS battery backups and used Liebert 610 UPS battery backups, at the most affordable price. Our selection of UPS systems is a cost-saving solution to power quality problems. Most of the available models are scalable, allowing you to upgrade the system without changing the entire state. Whether for data centers or server rooms, you will find here a variety of Liebert UPS for different application needs.

    When you want scalable equipment, choose Liebert NX UPS because this can be expanded from 40 to 60 to 80 kVA, and from 80 to 100 to 120 kVA. And for a more flexible power protection, go with Liebert 610 Series. This type of UPS offers multiple configurations to meet the required power level of your application.

    Both Liebert NX UPS and Leibert 610 Series offer optimum performance during power failure. And here at CFC, you will get big savings with our selection of reliable used Liebert NX and 610 Series. Add in our FREE Engineering support before and after the sale. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today.

  • Reconditioned

    MGE 30 KVA, 20KW UPS System
    MGE 100 KVA/80KW UPS System
    Model 72-160030-01
    Input / Output 208 VAC, 3 PH, 4W, 2N + G
    Mfg: 00/14
    Model #72-160400-44
    Comes with (1) matching battery cabinet
    Input / Output: 480 VAC, 3 PH, 3W + G
    Date Code: 02/32

    Powerware UPS Sync Cabinet
    Liebert 600T
    Powerware UPS Sync Cabinet
    Liebert UPS Series 600T
    UPS 500 KVA 480 Volt 3 phase.
    225 KVA, 208/208 Voltage 3 phase
    Quantity of (2) UPS for redundancy
    In Operation 2007, 2008, 2009
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    New Surplus never installed

    GE MBP3-225
    GE External Bypass Switch For UPS

    GE     Model #MBP3-225  
    600 Volt 3 phase external maintenance bypass switches for UPS
    Kirk Keyed, A & B for UPS sizes up to 150 KVA UPS systems
    Quantity (2)


    The uninterruptible power supply, popularly known as UPS, is an electronic device that supports computers, servers, data communication systems and other equipment during sudden power failure or voltage drop. Unlike power generators that need to be turned on, UPS systems are in a standby mode to provide power instantly in case of brief power outages. In data centers, UPS backups are being used to prevent data loss or downtime during main power shortage.

    Our great selection of used UPS battery backups is a powerful protection against power failures, power sags, power surges, brownouts, line noise, high voltage spikes, frequency variation, switching transients and harmonic distortion. Whether for small or large IT environment, we have the perfect UPS systems for your needs. Our wide assortment of used UPS backups is sold at the most reasonable prices. So, protecting your mission-critical equipment from losing its data is made even more affordable with our refurbished UPS.

    We have a wide array of used APC, Liebert, Mitsubishi and Powerware UPS battery backups to meet your particular needs. In addition, we offer FREE ongoing technical support to your purchased product. If you don't know what to buy or want to know our pricing, please don't be reluctant in giving us a call. Our team of courteous customer representatives is willing to offer help.

    Call for Pricing or Engineering support:

    Buy / Sell UPS Equipment - if you need to sell equipment Call us for pricing, we can assist in the take out of your equipment, including Liebert UPS, Mitsubishi UPS, Powerware UPS, battery backup systems, battery cabinets, sterling batteries.

    CFC Carries the Following UPS System Manufacturers:
    Liebert UPS
    Powerware UPS


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