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Used Power Distribution Units
You run a mission critical server center. You've spent a considerable amount of money on providing your users data whenever and wherever they need it. Having power distribution units (PDUs) you can rely on is vital to your success. CFC recomends Liebert Power Distribution Centers to keep your IT center up and running. We have used and refurbished Liebert Power Distribution Units ready to be installed in your data center.

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Liebert Power Distribution Units

Liebert Power Distribution Centers    Model PPA-150C
Liebert Power Distribution Centers    Model PPA-225C

  • Power: 150 KVA, 180 FLA @ 480 Volt, 3 phase
  • 480 Volt, 3 phase, three-wire input / 208 Volt, 3 phase, four-wire output
  • Input Main breaker, 400 Amp, 65 ka rated
  • Standard double shielded isolation transformer, K-20
  • Power Monitor Panel and local Emergency Power Off
  • GE  Panel boards, (3) 42 pole Sq D, bolt-on breaker type
  • Isolated ground bus bar
  • Standard Liebert light gray color
  • Casters and leveling feet
  • Reconditioned PDU equipment, factory Mfg date 2002, Condition: A
  • Equipment Size 52” W x 32” D x 68” H, Weight 2250 lbs

Breaker options: Sq D, QO     Bolt-on type breakers
Breaker options: GE,              Bolt-on type breakers

1 Pole, 120 Volt 1 phase, Sq D, QO Bolt-on            
2 Pole, 208 Volt 1 phase, Sq D, QO Bolt-on 
3 Pole, 208 Volt 3 phase, Sq D, QO Bolt-on

Liebert Power Distribution Unit Features:

  • Proven System Design - Liebert power systems are complete, proven-design, factory tested to ensure consistent performance. Designed-in distribution flexibility accommodates all installation sites.
  • Agency Approved - UL listing as a complete system is an assurance of safety.
  • Factory Tested - Factory testing the complete system ensures performance and safety of the system.
  • Power Quality Improvement - Packaged power systems have shielded isolation transformers close to the load, they offer power line noise attenuation and controlled grounding.
  • Computer-Grade Grounding - The packaged power system with isolation transformer automatically establishes a local single-point ground for the critical load. The power grounding point is the same as the computer system grounding point, minimizing common mode disturbances.
  • Secure Distribution - Access is limited to authorized personnel.
  • Circuit Identification - Identification tages adjacent to each circuit braker provide circuit identification and description of load served. Each cable is tagged with circuit number and cable length.
  • Monitoring - Built-in power parameter monitoring, alarm, and control capabilities are standard in packaged power systems.
  • Ease of Installation - Requires only a single connection to the premises wiring.
  • Easy System Expansion - New cables can be routed quickly with minimal disruption.
  • Easy System Rearrangement - Even after major equipment rearrangement, redistributing power from packaged systems becomes a simple matter of re-routing the flexible internconnecting cables.
  • Easy to Move - Package is easily moved with the computer system to the new site

For more information click here
Liebert PDU Manual click here

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Liebert Power Distribution Units

Liebert PDU, 225 KVA 208/208 Volts
Liebert Power Distribution Centers, (3) 42 Pole panels, Quantity (2) for redundant system


Liebertís Precision Power Center (PPC) takes packaged power systems to new heights...literally. By placing the input and output conduit connections at the top of the unit, the Top-Exit PPC brings the benefits of computer room packaged power systems to non-raised floor applications. In a single cabinet, the PPC combines distribution, computer-grade grounding, isolation, and power monitoring, providing the protection your vital computer equipment demands.


Liebert PDU
225 Amps 208 voltage
(3) Sq D Bolted Breakers panel boards
Extra cabinet for (2) 225 Amp, 208 Volt, 3 phase breakers
Able to feed RDC (Remote Distribution Cabinets)


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