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Used Generator Transfer Switch
New Russel 1000 Amp
Russel 1000 Amp
Russel 1000 Amp
Russell ATS, Model RMTD10003CEF, Automatic Transfer Switch, 460 Volt, 3 phase New Surplus Equipment. If 208 3 phase voltage is required, our service group can change voltages, please allow 2 weeks ARO
Russell ATS, 460 Volt ATS reconditioned with Bypass Isolation
New Surplus never installed

Asco ATS
Onan ATS
ASCO, Model E00300C30400C1XC, Automatic Transfer Switch, 208 Volt, 3 phase, 4 pole, Serial #43737RE, Reconditioned, Mfg 2008
400 Amp, 460 Volt, 3 phase 4 Wire Model OTBCC400-4XU=310IF
Take Out Equipment

ASCO ATS 7000 Series
Russel 1000 Amp
Image Coming Soon
Russel 1000 Amp
1000 Amp, 460 Volt, 3 phase 4 wire
Russell ATS, 460 Volt ATS New Surplus
New Surplus Equipment
New Surplus never installed

Used generator transfer switch at CFC will detect a power failure and then, start an on-site generator to provide power to data center. Automatic transfer switches are also applicable in hospitals, homes, offices and in other establishments. With the use of a power transfer switch, 24/7 operation can be achieve without losing data in case of main power loss.

Types of Generator Transfer Switch:

Bypass Isolation Transfer Switches -- These are for critical-need applications where any disruption to the supply of power -- even for maintenance -- is unacceptable. They combine the features of our advanced automatic transfer switches with a draw out-isolation mechanism, a manual two-source bypass switch and exclusive microprocessor based controls. This redundancy helps ensure constant, reliable power for critical applications.

Automatic Transfer Switches -- These facilitate continuous operation and switching of electrical loads between the primary source and the standby generators. When a loss of utility power is detected, a start signal is sent tothe generator and the load is automatically transferred. When utility power is restored, it is automatically transferred back to the primary load. Power transfers are safe, smart and seamless.

We have several kinds of used automatic transfer switches for you to choose from. Whether for home use, business site or industrial application, you will definitely find here the right transfer switch to meet your needs. Our refurbished generator transfer switch offers integrated design, plus amazing features that allow you to adjust the system to provide solution to the different power back up system needs.

Call for Pricing or Engineering support:

Buy / Sell Used Power Tansfer Switch - if you need to sell equipment Call us for pricing, we can assist in the take out of your equipment, including Asco ATS, Onan ATS, Russelectric ATS, Zenith ATS, 3000 amp automatic transfer switch, 4000 amp automatic transfer switch.

CFC Carries the Following ATS Manufacturers:
ASCO Power Technologies


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