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Liebert Equipment
225 KVA, 208/208 Voltage, 3 phase UPS
Liebert 600T
Liebert Battery Cabinet
Liebert STS 600 Amp static switch
Liebert UPS battery monitoring
Liebert UPS Series 600T
Liebert Battery Cabinet
Liebert STS 600 Amp
Liebert PDU

Liebert UPS Series 600T

  • 225 KVA, 208/208 Voltage 3 phase
  • Quantity of (2) UPS for redundancy
  • In Operation 2007, 2008, 2009 reconditioned

On-Line (Double Conversion) UPS

  • Delivers continuous, high-quality AC power to equipment with no break when transferring to battery.
  • Protects equipment from virtually all power disturbances due to blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges or noise interference.

Standard Features

  • 12-pulse, 3-phase rectifier/charger
  • Easy-to-read backlit LCD monitor/control panel
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Input and output isolation transformer
  • 2-stage battery charge current limit
  • 2-stage input AC current limit
  • Internal wrap-around bypass
  • Automatic and programmable retransfer
  • Automatic line-drop compensation
  • Battery over discharge protection
  • Battery-time-remaining display and battery statistics
  • Automatic equalize charge timer
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO)
  • Front access for service and maintenance

Options and Accessories

  • Input filter/power factor correction
  • Load Bus Sync™ (for dual load bus systems)
  • Power-Tie® Dual-Bus Systems
  • Maintenance bypass switchboards
  • Power distribution unit
  • Standard and custom switchgear packages
  • Internal wrap-around bypass
  • Automatic and programmable retransfer
  • Automatic line-drop compensation
  • Battery over discharge protection
  • Valve-regulated lead-acid battery packs
  • SNMP capabilities
  • Remote monitor panel
  • Communications interfaces
  • Alarm status contacts
  • Customer alarm inputs

Battery System Liebert Cabinets for (2) UPS systems, quantity (2) each

  • Input Battery Breaker 450 Amps
  • 40 C & D UPS 12-370 batteries each cabinet
  • Used Batteries operation 2007, 2008, 2009
  • Batteries have been recharged to 12.8 to 13.1 Volts

Liebert STS 600 Amp static switch

  • Static Transfer Switch2
  • Quantity (2) for redundant system
  • Input 208 Voltage, 3 phase
In addition to the LBS and Power-Tie options, the Liebert Static Transfer Switch 2 (STS2) makes the redundancy truly usable. The STS2 can be used with a power distribution unit (PDU) or dedicated to a specific piece of load equipment to provide dual power cord functionality. The STS2 connects to a dual bus power distribution network and makes a nearly instant (less than quarter-cycle) transfer of its connected load from one power source to the other.

Distributed Redundant Configurations

The first arrangement provides a high level of fault tolerance. A Liebert STS2 ahead of the PDU provides uninterrupted transfers between UPS systems. The fast switching capability of the static switch provides protection against “fast” power system failures, such as source failures, breaker trips and even operator error. The limitation here is that you still can’t service the PDU when the load is on-line. The second arrangement has a single-input load receiving power from a static switch on the output of two PDUs. The static switch can take power from either PDU. This enables you to service one UPS and one PDU at a time, while remaining on UPS power from the other PDU. Another option is to connect a dual power cord device to two different PDUs. Everything is now serviceable while the load is online. This option is only available, however, if your load equipment has dual power cords and if the equipment has 100% functionality with either input.

Liebert Power Distribution Center

  • 225 KVA 208/208 Volts
  • (3) 42 Pole panels
  • Quantity (2) for redundant system
Liebert’s Precision Power Center (PPC) takes packaged power systems to new heights...literally. By placing the input and output conduit connections at the top of the unit, the Top-Exit PPC brings the benefits of computer room packaged power systems to non-raised floor applications. In a single cabinet, the PPC combines distribution, computer-grade grounding, isolation, and power monitoring, providing the protection your vital computer equipment demands.

Liebert UPS battery monitoring
(4) Battery cabinets, 160 C & D 12-370’s

Liebert offers the latest in UPS battery monitoring technology with products by Albér — a leader in the field since 1972. Albér technologies by Liebert are designed to indicate potential battery failure, optimize useful battery life, reduce maintenance cost and increase safety.

Like an ultrasound for a battery, this technology lets you “look inside” and assess its true state of health. Liebert battery monitors use a patented Internal DC resistance test method that bypasses the limitations of outdated AC based impedance testing. By tracking internal resistance, the system can predict and report failing conditions prior to complete failure. A life remaining estimate algorithm, which uses discharge parameters and internal resistance readings, assists in predicting remaining battery life.

Liebert Battery Monitoring Systems continuously diagnose all critical battery parameters such as cell voltage, overall string voltage, current and temperature. An alarm sounds for any out-of-tolerance condition. Trend analysis provides the ability to analyze performance and aid in trouble shooting. The Liebert BDS-256XL Battery Monitoring System Is Designed for Large UPS Systems. The Liebert BDS-256XL battery monitoring system continuously monitors and diagnoses all critical battery parameters for large UPS systems. It can monitor up to 256 cells/modules per string. Tracking and reporting allow a proactive response in replacing a bad battery before it affects others in the string. The modular design easily expands to monitor an unlimited number of strings.

Liebert BDS-40 Battery Monitoring System for UPS Battery Cabinets
(4) four cabinet configuration

The Liebert BDS-40 mounts to the top of a UPS battery cabinet and monitors 12 volt VRLA batteries. The easy to use system tracks internal resistance, predicting and reporting failing conditions prior to complete failure to allow proactive replacement. Each BDS-40 unit will monitor all the batteries in one cabinet, up to 40 12V modules. Two different units make up the BDS-40 system.

The BDS-40 Base Unit is the central point where UPS-supplied power and communication connections are made. Each additional battery cabinet in the system may then use a BDS-40 plus Unit, which transfers the data to the Base Unit for alarm and data storage. Each Base Unit can manage up to five Plus Units for a total of six battery cabinets.

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